Trans 5 Floor

The goal of this floor is a simple one; to be as hard working as you are. It has the ability to accommodate you on as many tasks as possible; saving you time, maximizing your space, and hopefully, making your day just a little easier.

It's not just a floor, it’s a transformation. The TRANS5 floor can carry a traditional full size casket for your burial needs. It can be folded down to transport flowers, as well as an Urn, both simultaneously if needed.

It can also be used as a traditional removal van, easily holding a 1st call removal tray. Finally, when needed, the entire floor folds in half, maximizing the stow-and-go seating by transporting extra passengers.

TRANS5 Brochure

First Call Transport 3 passengers 4 Passenger Hearse Floor
First Call Transport Transport three passengers, along with standard size casket, urn carrier, or first call tray. Transport four passengers while carrying a removable flower tray and urn. Floor opens to a traditional hearse style floor.



Mercedes Onyx Conversions TRANS5 floor